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B2B Lead Generation

Does your company rely on the sales of business technology, services, or vertical-market solutions? Are you riding high on growth targets or just hanging in? Can you imagine your sales pipeline continually filling with leads for you to convert into sales?

Why choose our agency for B2B lead generation?


We aim to get a complete understanding of your product/service offerings and work together on identifying the key verticals and qualifiers for lead generation targeting. We work with you to achieve your objectives and in the field, we carry out interactions in a way that enhances your B2B reputation.


No black magic – we provide access to live dashboards so you can watch activities in real-time (if you like) and drill-down to get details on interactions. We also provide consolidated monthly reporting and performance measurement. Sharing data and insights helps with program improvement. Another bonus is getting feedback and situational information from targeted contacts – marketing intelligence which can help inform internal product development, business strategy, etc.


Our services to clients are confidential and this is good for you to know. You won’t find client logos (like yours) plastered all over our website to promote our own services. However, some of our clients are happy for us to share their success stories with potential new clients. Like the Aussie software company that increased it’s customer-base 5x within 5 years for a 10x increase in value. Talk to us and find out more.

Outbound lead generation

B2B Lead GenerationThe Pipeline Machine is our unique system for outbound lead generation and pre-sales mangement.

Fantastic results for clients have been proven in several different industry sectors but if we have a ‘strong suit’ for direct marketing, it’s in areas like enterprise-class B2B technology and industry-related products and services.

If you’re interested in outbound lead generation, we can share some impressive case studies with you. Our long-term clients have achieved phenomenal growth in high-value B2B vertical markets through our packaged services.

We’re not a ‘boiler room’, we’re more of a ’boutique’. We only undertake missions that we can believe in as potentially valuable to end-users and most likely to succeed through the outbound marketing effort.


Inbound lead generation

SEO ServicesBuzzwords like “demand lead generation”, “demand creation”, and “demand generation” can mean “snake-oil” if pertaining to pay-per-click advertising (PPC). For most B2B businesses, the cost of maintaining PPC-driven traffic in high-value markets can make the customer aquisition cost (CAC) unsustainable.

There are many more ways to generate more inbound enquiries for your products and services than no-brainer strategies like PPC.

For example, there are websites, and then there are lead generation websites. The increases in inbound website enquiries we’ve achieved for clients (and ourselves) through organic SEO and content marketing are off the charts!

Thought-leadership (articles, whitepapers, etc), social media, editorial, native-insert advertising, and industry events are just some of the other ways we’ve helped companies to build awareness and reputation, distribute persuasive collateral, and attract more inbound leads.


Leads are the metric that, as marketers, we have to rely on. Because leads mean money.

Kipp Bodnar

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.

Zig Ziglar

Lead generation is a fairly core activity to marketing.

Chris Brogan

Reserve your most valuable resource of time for closing deals, not cold-calling to get your foot in the door then playing phone-tag with follow-ups in the pre-sales process.

Outsource your pre-sales effort and supercharge the ability of principals and in-house sales executives to focus on converting pre-qualified leads into sales.


We're the best in the business at B2B lead generation and sales process engineering, and the best value in terms of ROI.

Whether you’re a professional selling consulting – or a large company with sophisticated, high-value products to sell – we can devise a B2B lead generation and demand creation package to grow your business and drive increased revenue with great efficiency.

B2B Lead Generation

By re-engineering the pre-sales process, we produce snowballing results. It’s like having a great big outboard motor on the back of front-line sales. You just might need a bigger boat.

Melanie Williamson

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