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Thought Leadership

How does a business executive or professional become a thought leader in their industry or discipline? If you've got some leading thoughts to share, it could be easier than you think.

Industry thought-leaders are like rock stars - they get invited to comment in the media as subject-matter experts, and to speak at events. Step out from the pack of competitors.

“88 percent of [3,275 global] decision-makers surveyed believe that thought leadership is effective in enhancing their perceptions of an organization…”

“21.1% of UK companies spend USD 250,000 to USD 499,000 annually on thought leadership marketing.”

“32% of chief marketers rank white papers as most effective at moving B2B prospects through the funnel, and 45% rank blog posts and articles as most effective.”

We help some of the finest minds to become thought leaders in their respective professions and business sectors. The standing our clients have achieved as a result of becoming ‘authorities’ has propelled their own industry status and strongly contributed to their business growth. We can expertly ghostwrite articles and whitepapers for busy executives. We make awesome presentations for speaking opportunities, infographics, slideshows, and more. You might be a misunderstood genius but we’ll make sure more people get you. And whatever we make on your behalf, we also know how to promote it through social media, online publications, outbound content distribution, content marketing strategy (SEO), and more ways.

Conference Presentations

Pssst... the deal with our ghostwriting for thought leaders - it's very discreet. Ask us to show examples (confidentially).

Got an idea? We’ll couch it for you.

“One of our clients called me with a concept and jumped straight on a flight to the UK. When he got back, days later, his thoughts had been crystallised into a knock-out presentation that wowed all the heavyweights at a national industry summit.”

Melanie Williamson

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